NYC Booting Pilot Program Begins Targeting Ticket Scofflaws In Brooklyn

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tire-bootDrivers who fail to pay their parking tickets are about to face a new penalty as the city begins its booting pilot program today.

The city is testing out the boot program for the next three to six months with the hope that it will be more convenient for everyone. But some already want to give the boot to the boot, calling it unfair for drivers.

The boot program will begin in Brooklyn, but all five boroughs could soon see them.

Those who owe more $350 in outstanding tickets will get the boot, which locks a wheel making it impossible to move the car.

Drivers can then call a toll-free number to pay fines over the phone in exchange for a code that will release the boot. But drivers will also have to pay a $180 boot fee, $70 to the city and a five percent surcharge.

Once you’ve been booted, you have two days to pay or the car will be towed, which will cost another $185.

The fines and fees all add up fast, which why representatives from the Marshals Office are publicly criticizing the program. The say it’s too expensive for drivers who can’t pay right away.

If you cut, break or damage the boot in any way, you’ll have to pay $500 and you be prosecuted for destruction of property. On top of that, you could ruin your tire.

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  1. Why is it unfair to drivers? These drivers have at least $350.00 in outstanding tickets. When they can’t move their cars; you bet they’ll pay.

  2. Its time to move out of nyc it is just to expensive and to stressful move for $399.000 you can buy a brand new single family 5 bedroom 3 full bath home with a basemnt (with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms

  3. This is just another way the city is showing its greed.
    Id rather have my car towed instead of paying the ridiculous fees that there adding. How is this convenient when your parked on a alternate parking block? Your just gonna receive more tickets being that you cant move.
    Not many people can pay 5or 600 just like that in one shot, most of us are living check to check. In the end if we cant pay the city will end up selling our cars. Were not all rich like bloomberg, this is just a bit ridiculous. The city is getting a bit carried away making us pay for their overspending, before it was gas and now this. Maybe they should all take a pay cut to compensate the cities ridiculous spending practices. Bloomberg is our biggest mistake.


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