NYC Homeowners Hit With 8.8% Property Tax Hike

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bloomberg1It’s another act of a tone deaf government. Cash-strapped New York City homeowners are being hit with hefty property tax increases. And the reason is hard for homeowners to both understand and swallow. To city homeowners it gives new meaning to the term fuzzy math. Their property values have plummeted but their taxes are going up.And they are furious.

“All you’re paying is taxes on top of taxes so what do they really do for you? They don’t do nothing. Vote for me. Vote me in. We’ll do this for you. We’ll do that for you. They don’t do nothing for you. They just give you headaches on top of headaches,” said Alan Navas of Astoria.

Voters all across the metropolitan region are in revolt over high taxes, but city residents will have to dig deeper to live here to reflect — if you can believe this — higher property assessments during the boom years that by state law are still being phased in.

Councilman Peter Vallone voted against the increase, but he couldn’t stop it.

“This will lead to more foreclosures. It’s the continued erosion of our tax base which is, I’d like to say is pennywise and pound foolish, but it’s not even pennywise, it’s just plain foolish,” said Vallone, D-Queens.

One- and two-family homeowners will be hit with an 8.8-percent increase. The average homeowner will see his taxes go from $3,233 to $3,519.

Co-op and condo owners will pay 10.3-percent more.

The average co-op resident’s tax bill will go from $4,467 to $4,930 and condo owners from $6,422 to $6,874.

Homeowner Delores Camilleri was shocked when CBS 2 HD told her the new bills were being sent out on Monday. Tom Flynn of Astoria fought to bite his tongue.

“It’s Bloomberg nickel and diming us for everything he can get,” Flynn said.

When asked what she would say to the mayor if given the opportunity, Astoria homeowner Mary Volponi said, “Oh I’d kick him. He don’t care.”

Added equally disgruntled Navas: “As far as I’m concerned New York City is just gonna be the poor, and the middle class. The rich are gonna get out and you ain’t gonna have nothing here if they keep raising the taxes and raising the taxes.”

The new tax bills are being put in the mail Monday by the city Finance Department. Homeowners have until Jan. 1 to pay up, the same day the mayor and City Council are sworn in for new terms.

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  1. This is just another example of the Jewish community being “bribed” by politicians during the campaign and turning their back on the community after the election. If the Orthodox community would have stood together for Thompson we would have had a chance for economic survival.
    As it is, Bloomberg will throw a few bones to pay off certain supporters, but the vast majority of Yidden in New York will suffer under his management.

  2. How about moving to the suburbs where our taxes go up every year 5 to 11 percent. $ 6000 you say!! We paid more than that 10 years ago. Last year our taxes were $ 17000. That’s right. With three zeros.
    No doubt it will $ 18000+ this year and we are no wealthier than other New Yorkers. If you want services you have to pay for them.

  3. Can the admintration take that ridiculous and aggravating picture of the mayor off? Replace it with him doing something that doesn’t seem to add salt to our wound! And as he said after narrowly winning, “You ain’t seen nuthin yet!” Oy VEy!

  4. Had there been a better alternative, most of us would have supported that candidate. The problem is that Thompson was no better. Bloomberg was the lesser of two evils.

  5. What’s another $75,000,000 compared to the federal deficit that already exists. Just put the charge on the VISA and when there is no money to pay the bill at the end of the month raise taxes.


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