NYC Issues New Face Covering Guidance

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New Yorkers should wear a mask or face covering indoors at all times, even at work and in large spaces regardless if social distancing can be met, de Blasio said Monday morning.

Although the city’s key coronavirus indicators have looked favorable in recent weeks, Mayor de Blasio said infection rates in young adults is cause for concern. Infections are up in adults ages 20 to 29 even as other ages groups are experiencing mostly flat or declining rates of coronavirus infections.

Ten new coronavirus testing sites will open in the Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens, the mayor announced. Eight sites are already open and the last two will be open shortly, he said. Despite a growing access to free testing in the city, nationwide outbreaks have led to an overwhelming volume in testing and subsequent delay in lab results, de Blasio said.

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  1. Future photos of De Blasio and all his employees, and “social justice” marchers, indoors or outdoors, should ALL show masks properly worn.

  2. Yeah Mayuh! Could you show us how facial coverings are supposed to be worn? We’ve never seen hiz-dis-honor with one! Teach us how to wear it!

    And if I may add, if you defund the NYPD who is gonna escort you each early afternoon for us – each moanin for you – to the gym in Brooklyn? So maybe you should leave it for the next mayor to enact! Hummm! Good idea, no?

  3. deBozo should wear a FULL facial mask covering him from one ear to another and from his brainless skull to his chin, so no one can see his stupid face

  4. So. There’s is a spike in Covid infectious mainly ages between 20-29. Interesting, those are the primary estimated age groups of many blm protests marches looting destruction and crime.
    However. Considering the Mayors personal family. These are the only allowed get togethers permitted.
    A) it’s vital
    B) it doesn’t affect any way Covid.
    Wow how immature dispicable ignorant a person can be.
    Who are the ones voted for this Menuvel ?
    I’m insulted I even need to talk about.


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