NYC Mayoral Candidate Bill Thompson: Trayvon Martin Was Killed Because He Was Black

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thompsonNew York City mayoral candidate Bill Thompson said yesterday that Trayvon Martin was killed because he was black and that the same bias drives the NYPD’s stop and frisk policy.

The former City Comptroller, who is black, made the comments before a church congregation in Brooklyn. Read more here.

{ Newscenter}


  1. Special days ahead for the rabid anti social men and women who want to bring racism into the divide after the verdict has been read by a jury. It is not like they have a vendetta against 6 women on a jury is it? Either way, if you can talk about racism any day, you have a special allowance of tasty popsicles that can be licked any day of the week on any television show or radio station. After all, we are all looking to indict Mr. Zimmerman in the absence of a final conclusion on this matter aren’t we?

  2. We know that Treyvon Martin was shot by George Zimmerman because he was smashing Zimmermans head against the ground. Thompson is saying it is because he was black.

    Which means that Martin was smashing Zimmerman because he, Martin, was black.

    Well, I would think this is mighty racist if Mr Thompson to say that Martin tried to kill Zimmerman because it is in black nature to kill.

    Perhaps Thompson was talking from personal experience. If he says that killing is a black trait, I am knowledgeable enough to argue with him. Certainly since it appears that he too is black.

  3. Actually I believe G. Zimmerman was attacked because he appears white. Trayvon thought he would teach this “cracker” (a racist street word for a white person that he used to describe GZ)a lesson. He profiled him as an easy target, and he was wrong.

  4. no.. Travon was killed because he attacked another human being and didn’t survive his own attack.

    Black or white has nothing to do with it.

    Where is your outrage when white men, women, and children are ruthlessly murdered by black men? You only have outrage when one of your own gets killed. What about when your own kill your own? Where is that outrage.

    Typical racial lack of lucidity from someone who can’t let go of the past and embrace a better future.

    Educate yourself and send your children to school. Prove to them that you can live good lives and guess what…. they will follow suit.

    Not one word of this racism splurb is true. Not one word.


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