NYC: Yellow School Buses Still Running Today As Possible Strike Looms

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school-busYellow school buses are running today in New York City, but the threat of a possible strike is still looming over the city.

Sunday night, Local 1181 of the Amalgamated Transit Union said the drivers won’t walk out Monday, but said there are no promises for the rest of the week.

The union is furious over the details of a new plan by the city to put contracts with private bus companies up for bid.

The city says the move will save money that could be used in classrooms. But the union is criticizing the lack of employee protections, saying many current drivers could lose their jobs once their contracts are up in June.

“The union is not opposed to the bid and I think that should be said. All we say is put the employment protection provision in the bid,” said ATU Local 1181 President Michael Cordiello. “We should not save money on the backs of experienced workers who provide safe bus service.”

But Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott said the Department of Education is not able to set job protections in stone.

“We cannot legally do that,” he said. “The New York State court of appeals ruled that such a guarantee could not legally be included in our bids.”

As the battle between the union and the city continues, kids and parents are caught in the middle.

“You’re relying on that transportation to take your kids to school,” said parent Duwon Bruyant. “If there’s a strike, you’re stuck.”

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