NYPD Investigating Suspicious Pressure Cookers Left At NYC Transit Station, On City Street

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The New York City Police Department (NYPD) evacuated a transit station at Fulton Street and William Street Friday morning after two pressure cookers were discovered at the station, prompting fears of explosive devices.

The city’s police counterterrorism unit tweeted Friday that two devices had been discovered by officers and cleared by experts to not contain explosives.

Officers were searching nearby stations for similar devices after the discovery and are investigating the scene.

Read more at The Hill.



  1. B”H, the hysteria over the traffic situation turned out to be FAKE NEWS! No traffic whatsoever. As a matter of fact it was a quicker ride today than on previous Fridays. By reporting dooms day traffic predictions, you’ve ruined the Shabbos plans of the most gullible amongst us.

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