NYPD Scuffles with Woman and Young Child Over Face Mask, Bumbling NYC Mayor Weighs In

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The New York Police Department is facing backlash after video on social media showed officers forcing a mother to the ground and handcuffing her in front of her young child after a confrontation over how she was wearing her face mask, Newsweek reports.

In video published online, 22-year-old Kaleemah Rozier and her child are seen being escorted up the stairs from a subway platform by police. The mother is heard shouting “Don’t touch me” before seen to be slapping away the hand of an officer. Multiple officers then crowd around the mother before forcing her to the ground and handcuffing her as bystanders urge them to stop, saying: “This is unnecessary.”

“She’s got a kid,” one bystander is heard saying. “That’s too much, man.”

NYPD officers escorted a young woman with her toddler (both wearing masks) up the subway platform stairs, then forced her to the ground & handcuffed her, in Brooklyn this afternoon.

In a statement sent to Newsweek, an NYPD spokesperson said the altercation took place at around 11:50 a.m. on Wednesday at the Atlantic Avenue/Barclay Center Subway Station after police officers stopped the mother for not “properly wearing” her face mask.

“She responded to the officers with vulgar language and repeatedly refused requests to properly wear her face covering over her nose and mouth,” the spokesperson said. “Officers then informed her she would be ejected from the station and began to escort her from the location.”

Rozier was charged with resisting arrest, disorderly conduct and harassment, the spokesperson said. She has since been “released on a Desk Appearance Ticket.”

Mayor Bill de Blasio on Wednesday night reacted to the video. “Face coverings are important to protect everybody — they’re not optional. But no one wants to see an interaction turn into this,” de Blasio tweeted. “We’ve made progress with de-escalation. This isn’t it.” Read more at the NY Post.

And read more at Newsweek.


  1. Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York has become quite the media darling during the times of Coronavirus.

    With the daily press conferences and the near constant praise from every reporter at CNN, the fake news would have you believe Cuomo was the perfect Governor.

    But they’re ignoring the facts.

    Throughout the Coronavirus crisis:

    New York has remained the epicenter of COVID infections and fatalities.
    He demanded nursing homes admit patients who tested positive for Coronavirus, costing the lives of so many seniors that he had to reverse the order!
    He’s released 1,000s of criminals from prison onto the streets of New York.
    He’s wasted time and money arranging panels to discuss feelings & social justice while our cities hemorrhage jobs and money.
    The consequences have been tragic throughout our communities through New York.

    But still – the left will hardly criticize Governor Cuomo.

    • apparently you never heard him have to answer for
      1) why he drives to prospect park during a stay at home order
      2) why he feels going on a campaign trail doesnt detract from his duties as mayor
      3) why he doesnt confront black anti-semitic crimes
      to name a few… If you here that, you’ll know why he’s called bumbling


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