NYT: Two More Women Come Forward With ‘Uncomfortable’ Allegations Against Joe Biden

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Two more women have come forward with “uncomfortable” allegations against former vice president and potential 2020 contender Joe Biden, The New York Times reports.

Caitlyn Caruso told the newspaper Biden acted inappropriately at a University of Nevada at Las Vegas campus event about assault that she attended when she was 19. Caruso, now 22, said she didn’t report the encounter but found it surprising that Biden—who took part in crafting the 1994 Violence Against Women Act—didn’t seem to understand physical boundaries.

“It doesn’t even really cross your mind that such a person would dare perpetuate harm like that,” she told the Times. “These are supposed to be people you can trust.”

D. J. Hill, a writer who met Biden at a 2012 fundraiser, said she and her husband were taking a picture with Biden when he made her “very uncomfortable,” the Times reports. Hill’s husband reportedly saw Biden’s arm and put a hand on Biden’s shoulder to interrupt the movement. At the time, Hill said she didn’t say anything about the incident. “Only he knows his intent,” she said. Read more at the NEW YORK TIMES.



  1. Fake news. Typical political smear by the DNC controlled media. The same corrupt media is well aware of the African-American Cory Booker’s, inappropriate behavior with women, but they choose to cover it up because it doesn’t fit their narrative. Joe Biden is as white as white can be, so the corrupt DNC controlled media are out to destroy him. Don’t worry, they’ll destroy the white Kristen Gillibrand next. The media have already decided that Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, & Pete Buttigieg (being that he’s the only open homosexual) will be the finalists. Ultimately the media will coronate Kamala Harris as their saviour. President Trump will have to work overtime against all odds to beat Harris and the corrupt DNC controlled media.

  2. I disagree , Bernie Sanders will be the nominee. He is the only one with a grass roots following has name recognition and from all of them is best at commanding an audience at a debate .

  3. What’s wrong with men these days? Why do so many of them think it’s okay to speak to women or even touch women in completely inappropriate ways?
    Conventional wisdom answers that the problem is that men don’t respect women enough, and when men learn to respect women more, the sexual harassment will stop.
    But this answer is incomplete, since many of the men who engage in that kind of behavior do respect women, and, as a society, we respect women today more than ever.
    The problem is that men, and even women, to not respect intimacy. When a man and a woman touch, or speak sexually, or even are alone in a room together, that is intimacy. It does not matter how cavalier and casual those involved go about it, because intimacy is an objective reality not dependent on how those involved feel.
    When we learn to respect and honor intimacy, there will be no room for jokes, or casual sexual behavior with or without consent, and the excuses of “I was just joking around” or “I thought she was okay with it!” will be invalid. And when we learn to respect and value intimacy, we will come to enjoy and appreciate the intimacy we have with the people we love.


  4. There is a trick we learned in the New York subway, if you feel some one is too close just step back on their foot and you will hear screaming and you will feel some one slowly stepping away. It works all the time.


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