Obama Administration Official Warns Israel To Remain Committed To Two States



U.S. Under Secretary for Political Affairs Wendy Sherman warned this week that the Obama administration may not be able to sustain its current level of support for Israel if the Jewish state abandons the two-state solution.

Sherman, speaking at the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism Biennial Leadership Policy Conference in Arlington, Va., reiterated the White House’s concern over Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s recent assertion that given the current circumstances, the creation of a Palestinian state is infeasible.

“If the new Israeli government is seen as stepping back from its commitment to a two-state solution, something that all of you and a vast majority of American Jews supports, that makes our job in the international arena a lot tougher because our ability to push back on efforts to internationalize efforts to address Israeli-Palestinian issues has depended on our insistence that the best course in achieving a two-solution is through direct negotiation between the parties,” Sherman said.

Netanyahu, she said, “raised questions about his government’s commitment to a two-state solution in comments he made right before and right after the Israeli election.”


{Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. How about two states in Baltimore MD.
    Otherwise there will be never ending riots.
    One black president for the black community, a white for the white.

  2. President Obama is cherry-picking statements that show Israel in the worst possible light. Not satisfied with that, he’s spinning those statements so they sound even worse than they were. Prime Minister Netanyahu made it quite clear that a Palestinian state wasn’t feasible “Under current circumstances“, not that he was rejecting the two-state-solution concept.

    Why would Obama twist Netanyahu’s words like that? If I didn’t know better I’d think he didn’t like Netanyahu and wanted to make him look bad. Fortunately, we know better. Right?

  3. mr president – if you break up America into 2 countries then Israel will do the same. Texas wants out, Alaska wants out, some others want out…………

  4. The ‘Obama administration’ doesn’t have much time left for it’s international wrecking project so threats at this point are meaningless///

  5. there are 2 states:Jordan which is 76% of “Palestine” and Israel ,and now we have a terrorist 3rd state in GAZA.We don’t need another!!!!


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