Obama: Americans ‘Better Off’ With Me at Helm

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obamaPresident Barack Obama said Americans are “better off” with him in the Oval Office during a speech at a Democratic fundraiser Monday night.

Americans are “better off now than when I came into office,” Obama said at the Potomac, Md., home of Jeffrey Drenzer, a medical training and technology executive.

Tickets for the fundraiser ranged from $10,000 per person to $32,400 per couple, says a report in The Hill.

“The debate now is about what?” Obama asked. “Benghazi? Obamacare? It becomes this endless loop.”

Obama also called out Republican members of Congress, saying they have been “captured by ideologues” whose goal is to figure out “how to make people sufficiently skeptical so they can win the next election.”

Read more at THE HILL.

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  1. the blatant egotism shown here is mind boggling even if America actually was better off (which it most CERTAINLY isn’t)

  2. This shows you the man is delusional and so egotistical. He is driving the country into a 3rd world country and he thinks we are better off.

  3. mr obama – ur not talking to Americans – u must be dreaming these things up. 65% of American citizens are not happy at all – READ THE POLLS

  4. “The debate now is about what?” Obama asked. “Benghazi? Obamacare?”

    Hey Barry, what about IRSgate, NSAgate, Gunwalkinggate, VAgate etc…? What a fool.

  5. If you want your smile on the face of your smile, you can keep Obama. But if you wanted a smarter dollar, he might not be that essential.

    The market is up. You would think that could be a natural way of history.

    But the legislation has fallen victim to defeatest posturing.

    Change is coming. 3 more years.

  6. how is having less money in my pocket (gas prices, insurance costs…) and a far inferior health care plan make me better?

    additionally, any out of work person looking for a full time job with benefits need not apply.

    sorry barry o – but as usually, just because you say it – doesn’t make it so.


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