Obama Asks Woman: ‘Do You Have YOUR Birth Certificate?’

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obama-birtherFox News’ Ed Henry reported on Twitter that after speaking at an event in Cushing, Oklahoma, President Obama jokingly asked a woman where her birth certificate was after she revealed to have been born at the same hospital he was born at in Hawaii.

@edhenryTV: In OK, Woman heard telling Prez she was born at same hospital in Hawaii. He quipped: “Do you have YOUR birth certificate?”

{Fox News/Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. Did Obama bother expressing his outrage for the terrorist attack on Jewish children in France?
    Or does he sympathize with the Palestinian terrorists? Why do he & Eric Holder ignore all the letters from prominent Congressmen & lawmakers
    requesting lenience for Rubashkin while granting privileges to a Cuban spy?

  2. Yes, children, Hawaii is part of the United States – the 49th, I believe, with Alaska being the 50th. If you don’t believe me, look it up in the encyclopedia or call your local librarian. So please, all you “birthers” give it a rest already.

  3. To JewishMom: Obama is an immature jerk! Him & that ingrate wife of his, are the biggest gold diggers in American History! They are takers! They are incapable of feeling anyone else’s pain! Hopefully we can dump them both, next year

  4. to oldtimer. so its a state so what there are no records he was born there other than a computer generated poor forgery. why should the “constitutionalists ” give it a rest? cause obama asked us?

  5. So presidential. I bet at same time he asked her he as multiple-tasking by swatting a fly, holding a basketball in one hand and eating fast food with his other.


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