Obama Commutes 8 Crack Sentences

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obamaEight federal inmates imprisoned for crack cocaine offenses are expected to have their sentences commuted by the president today.

The unprecedented move by Obama is seen as a further rebuke to the severe mandatory penalties for drug crimes loosened by 2011’s Fair Sentencing Act, as the inmates likely would have received lighter sentences under current law.

“The bottom line…is that there are several thousand more where they came from,” said Julie Stewart, founder of the group Families Against Mandatory Minimums.

The inmates, who are serving sentences ranging from 15 years to life, would be released within 120 days. Read more at The New York Times.

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  1. This is his universe. Crack dealers and users. No Pollard. No Rubashkin.

    The drug dealers should have a mandatory death penalty. Pollard and Rubashkin should be out.

    What a lowlife.

  2. To #2-
    Of course no Pollard, no Rubashkin.
    The thinking is – they’re a huge threat to society and would be a menace if released to walk freely on our US streets.
    Whereas, we are all better off having 8 more crackheads joining us in the cities of this great land.

  3. This has nothing to do with this particular president, but my question is, how can a president pardon a criminal. Surely the justice system is run by the courts of which he has no jurisdiction over.
    If someone has committed a crime, they should serve the time. If the law is incorrect (in this case, Congress has relaxed the laws on drug offence sentencing) than all prisoners should receive the lighter sentence, not just those people that ‘a president’ decides to forgive.
    How can anyone justify this?

  4. Dag….. I can safely assume that you didn’t read my comment. I know that the law allows the president to make the decision, however what you didn’t explain was why this is so.
    Now please reread and come up with an answer.

  5. The Constitution: And Obama has been violating it time and again.

    Obama always seems to position himself with the LAWBREAKERS and not the LAWMAKERS.


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