Obama Hits Links for 52nd Golf Day as Prez


obamaPresident Obama hit the golf course on Shabbos for what, by CBS News’ Mark Knoller’s calculation, was his 52nd such outing since taking office. According to the White House pool report, Obama went golfing with┬áhis usual partners: trip director Marvin Nicholson, press aide Ben Finkenbinder and the Department of Energy’s David Katz.CBS News Radio White House correspondent Knoller tweeted:

It’s a beautiful 77┬░ & sunny in DC and Pres Obama has gone to Andrews AFB for a round of golf. His 52nd since taking office.

Before heading to Andrews Air Force Base for golf, Obama watched his daughter Malia’s soccer game in northwest Washington.

Obama heads to Philadelphia with Vice President Biden on Sunday for a DNC “Moving America Forward” campaign rally with Democratic Senate candidate Rep. Joe Sestak (Pa.).



  1. The President has one of the most unusual jobs in the world. He has to be on 24/7 call. His job description does not fit the nice, neat 9 to 5 pattern. People in high office need to make executive decisions and take a philosophical position on vital issues. Most people are not interested in the heavy spiritual lifting required. There must be some respect shown to those chosen to lead.

    Messianic Government would see things organised into a four day working week i.e. Monday to Thursday. Productivity is enhanced under the right conditions. Work design is a hobby of mine. All work and no play makes Shmuely a dull boy. All play and no work also makes Shmuely a lazy, non-contributing hedonist. All rest and no work or play makes Shmuely either a hibernating bear or an inveterate dope smoker. A healthy work, rest, play balance can be negotiated for all.

    Prayers for President Obama !

  2. yeah but cut the vacations man!
    most people in this country either need a job or just barely have a job and our ‘beloved’ leader is out partying every other day!!
    even if he’s stressed out from ruining the country he should relax in private


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