Obama Pledges Justice for “Cowardly Act”

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obama2President Barack Obama has a few words for the shooter who opened fire at the Washington Navy Yard, killing 11 this  morning.

Calling the victims “courageous Americans” who would never expect “unimaginable violence” at home, Obama swore to hold responsible “whoever carried out this cowardly act.”

One gunman – now dead – has been identified by NBC as Aaron Alexis, a 34-year-old civilian contractor, though authorities are looking for additional suspects. Read more at ABC News.

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  1. To the naïve children who made comments 1 and 2. There are more than issues with who is alive and dead in the world. The issue is how to prevent more issues like this and bring justice to any social issues that contribute to the loss of life and liberty and suffering.

    Think children.

    We need better mental health care, more mental health awareness.
    More investment in mental health.
    More investment in natural experiences which dignify the soul.

    Better Education.
    Better Parenting discussions and experiences.

    Surely you children have better things than to make a machlokes on a national tragedy and oh yes, Mr. Obama is a special and righteous man who discusses topics such as Justice with integrity, wisdom and honor.

    Torah will improve your dignity.

  2. dear comment three.

    bringing justice to one who killed means death or jail. it doesn’t mean preventing it from happening again.

    now in your fifth paragraph you stated how righteous our dear president is, now i tell you this.either your a neturei karta lunatic or completely ignorant of current events.

    Obama pledges to strike Syria for gassing hundreds of its civilians including women children. and he doesn’t.

    you must wonder what you have to do to deserve Americas wrath. apparently you have to do more then using a banned substance to kill your own people.

    Israel is nervous about Iran’s nuclear program. america has made a red line, if he keeps that red line ill eat my hat.

    Obama is a weak man to the extreme and all he has to him is the power of speech.
    oh and by the way, i’m a child.

  3. To comment 3:

    Smile since you are a child. Listen so that you can become an adult. Hate of the President that is so endemic in the poorly educated communities is not a cornerstone of Torah or dignity. Our president may have some different active words for the future that are not exactly in order with every American Dream today, but his national priority is peace, prosperity and courage.

    The reality is that Obama is fielding a new tomorrow based on the ideas of yesterdays failures. Namely the issues with the Bush 43 presidency. I think he has a lot of work to do, but he has more to do than you think.

    You are clearly thinking that a death of a culprit is the only way to reaffirm the goodness of the future. This is a good start, but there are very important issues to consider in who he became in his hate, who he was influenced by in life, what he did before hurting so many people and what lapsed terror he has left behind. The story of Hitler did not end with his suicide and the story of Bin Laden did not stop with his turning in the waves.

    America has a dream to precisely bookmark tomorrows hope and bring tomorrow to a satisfied trust and hope. If we can learn from the issues in this persons life as well as many other shooters, we can improve our society. That is justice.

    Thanks for the comment.

    Work on your syntax and capitalization. It really shows you can make a difference when no one complains about the read they get on your “advice”.


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