Obama Still Popular Among The Over-Educated

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axelrod-obamaPresident Obama’s popularity has slipped among a wide swath of the population. Among the nation’s over-educated, however, he continues to do just fine.¬†Gallup surveyed more than 25,000 voters over the past calendar year and found that the president remains well-liked among those with multiple degrees.

Fifty-eight percent of respondents with a postgraduate degree approve of the job Obama is doing, according to the study, compared to 49 percent of college graduates, 46 percent of those with some college education and 50 percent with high school education or less.

Indeed, while Obama’s standing has fallen among each of these four groups since taking office, it is the postgraduate bunch who has stayed most closely committed, even giving the president a slight uptick in approval ratings over the last month.

The findings feed into the stereotypical political narrative that those with an advanced education are decidedly liberal and that those who are decidedly liberal are committed to Democratic politicians. Gallup, in fact, makes such a conclusion itself.

Since he has become president, postgraduates have been among his more reliable supporters, backing him at higher levels than do those in other educational groups.

But the relationship between “educational attainment and support for Obama” is nuanced. For instance, black voters, regardless of their educational achievements, back Obama at roughly a 90 percent clip. But with non-Hispanic white voters, the gap is quite large when delineating by education level.

Fifty-four percent of non-Hispanic whites with a postgraduate degree favor the job Obama is doing. Just 38 percent of non-Hispanic whites with a high school education or less say the same thing.

{Yahoo News/Noam Amdurski-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. Perhaps the headline should read Obama no linger popular with the uneducated?

    Not that I agree with the statement. But your headline is probably the most biased headline. Ever.

  2. Why would any Yid want to insult other Yidden who hold graduate degrees, degrees which are used to support families and help finance our Torah institutions? Unbelievable!

    Please edit the title, or else you will be perpetuating a chillul H’ by insulting many members of our community and causing disunity amongst Klal Israel.

    PS. I don’t have a graduate degree

  3. Over-educated? In other words, you don’t want the doctor who treats your child to have a graduate degree? The lawyer who defends you in your IRS dispute? The CPA who does your taxes? The dentist who fixes your teeth? The computer programmer who mans the Pentagon’s computer system?

    Oh – I get it. Come to think of it, Rush Limbaugh – icon of the under-educated – dropped out of college in his first year. So I guess that anyone with a non-Talmudic BA is overeducated.

    And yes, I have _two_ graduate degrees, so I guess I’m beyond the pale.


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