Obama to Boy: Where’s Your Birth Certificate?


obama-indiaNot every kid gets asked for his birth certificate by the president of the United States. But that’s what happened to a Florida lad, Andre Wupperman, when he met Barack Obama at a Florida sports bar and family joint today.

Obama made an unannounced stop at Gators Dockside — one of many surprise visits he makes to local businesses as a candidate for reelection — and mingled with the patrons. Upon hearing that Andre, who turns seven next week, was born in Hawaii, the president asked: “You were born in Hawaii? You have a birth certificate?” The joke got laughs, according the pool reporter Helene Cooper of the New York Times.

And according to the Associated Press, Obama had greeted Andre with the “shaka” sign, a gesture often associated Hawaii.

The president also stopped at another table and led a group in singing “Happy Birthday” to Sorina Terrell.


{Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. Do you have a birth certificate?
    Did it also take you years to produce it?
    Is it now also sealed in a locked vault so that nobody should be able to inspect it?
    If so you are ready to become president.

  2. #6, you’re right on!
    Poor kid! He must have been so intimidated!
    Shimon, #7, watch your moth! We’re not allowed to say that name! Executive Order #1, Jan. 20, 2009


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