Obama Will OK Congress Iran Deal Review



On Friday, President Obama called a bill which would allow Congress to review the terms of an Iran nuclear deal a “reasonable compromise” and said he planned to sign the bill. He said he feels it will not derail talks with Iran, though Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Senator Bob Corker and leading Democrat Ben Cardin have been tasked with making sure that the bill is not laced with “poison pills,” or amendments that might kill the Iran agreement. Read more.



  1. listen to the ‘great one’ mark levin on how the stupid senator bob corker from tenn. actually completely destroyed the treaty provision in the us constitution, and now the pres. is coming out abnd takin the credit for making a compromise withn congress. he is nothing but a fraud and the rest of the phony republicans > probaly rand paul has something better to say about this. this is nothing but a win for the dems. the proof is that even the m ost liberal democrats voted for it, which they only would do if its good for the pres.

  2. He okay’d it until they vote not to follow him, then emperor Obama will proclaim the congress is wrong and declare he is correct. (What did the king say, I have written it, I have said it and it will be done).

  3. Mark my words: Hillary would OK it, too.

    You all are nuts if you vote for another radical liberal left-winger again for President (Hillary) in 2016!


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