ObamaCare Will Kill Millions of Babies

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babiesBy Dan Perrin

According to the strongest pro-life lobby, Right to Life: “a vote for the Senate-passed health bill (H.R. 3590) is a vote for the most expansively pro-abortion legislation ever to come before the House of Representatives” – since Roe v. Wade.

However, Right to Life is allowing Representatives to make their Yes or No decision about the bill on grounds other than the mass killing of the innocents. Many members who claim they are pro-life have announced they will vote for this bill.

Every member of Congress should be told that if they vote for this bill will be ineligible for any endorsement from Right to Life. These representatives will simply have too much blood on their hands.

It is time to dial up the pressure equal to that of the Speaker’s office and the White House. Since the Speaker has announced “no deal” and that she will not make a deal, why wait?

Right to Life has the ability to change Yes to No votes today, if they make this announcement. Will they?

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  1. If a woman wants an abortion, she will have one whether the bill passes or not, so you might as well legalize abortions, and make sure the mother doesn’t get killed on the way too.

  2. You don’t legalize murder because there will always be people who murder other people, do you. Abortion is murder, as defined by halacha.

  3. Not true. This legislation, if passed, while encourage many more women to commit retzichas ubarim, which is assur totally for goyim per the Sheva Mitzvos and forbidden in almost all cases for Jewish women.

  4. If you spent even a few min today watching the debate and votes going on in the house you would realize that this bill is a bad idea regardless of the abortion issue its being ramed or shall I say rahm ed down our throats they are being extremely disrespectful to the congress people voting against the bill and are refusing to answer important questions I mean does the current system need fixing yes but lets do it in a normal way not by creating a worse alternative to the current system

  5. That’s exactly right. People have always sought abortions. The difference is that if we make it illegal or impossible, they’ll bleed to death or die of infection.

    By the way, abortion is NOT halachically forbidden, so when did we join the crazies in this one?

  6. This article is a perfect example of the current debate over the comments on Matzav.

    On the one hand, this article is terribly biased, over the top, one-sided, and filled with inaccurate / unqualified statements. It is for articles like these that we (as readers) need a comments section to keep Matzav in line.

    On the other hand, a look at some comments above are comments that reflect poorly on us all.

  7. Why are we following the directives of the Christian right wing? Since when do they determine our hashkafos? The Torah permits abortion under certain circumstances, to save the life or health of the mother. The Christian rightists would deny abortion even to a woman who will surely die if the pregnancy continues. Since when do we let Christians posken our sheilos for us?

    Remember, these people believe that you and I are going to burn in Hell forever because we don’t accept their human-style god. They “befriend” us only because they want to convert us to their beliefs. They “support” Israel only because their Book of Revelations states that Israel must be reborn and then destroyed so that their deity can “come back.”

    They are free to believe this, as they are non-Jews, but why are we buying into their hashkafos?

  8. I agree with “chosid” (comment #7). Talk about hyperbole. The “Right to Life” organization would ban abortions even when they are halachically permitted, and this is one of their typically disgusting propaganda (scare tactic) headlines.

  9. And tomorrow you all will wake up in socialist country where there is no freedom of speech but only zones of such. Where media are controlled by government and special services are listening to you conversation… wait all of it happened already long time ago. Gevaaaaald!!!

  10. Basically, what I gather from your new comment screening system is that only the shrill racist comments get through the mods. Is that right?

    So if I write that funding for elective abortions is not actually in the passed healthcare bill, that will be [deleted by a moderator]?

  11. Obama is a pro-abortion extremist and this bill (in its current form) is just one in a series of steps to murder the unborn and the elderly. Giving Americans decent health care can be accomplished without murder!


  13. Supposedly Obama promised something to Bart Stupack, pro life Democrat of MI, to ensure that this shouldn’t be a problem, and get Stupack’s vote. Not sure exactly what he promised, but he got the vote.


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