Obama’s Worst Nightmare


obamaBy Orly Azoulay

The guidelines for the military campaign in Libya were determined by President Barack Obama himself before he gave the order. The president instructed the defense establishment to conduct military operations for days, not months, and without using ground forces. He wanted a campaign that has an end date and does not give off a stench of occupation.

The American president defined the mission in Libya for himself and for the world: Protecting the Libyan people from the brutality of their leader, who massacred them on the streets of Tripoli and at the outskirts of Benghazi. Obama embarked on a war with a humanitarian mission, assuming there is such thing, and therefore there are no appropriate means for gauging when victory is achieved in this battle.

In order to secure the victory and complete the mission, Muammar Gaddafi must go, along with his relatives, as befits a family of tyrants who sowed terror and fear in the country and robbed the Libyan people. However, this was not the call issued by coalition forces; not openly at least.

They assumed that should they manage to paralyze Gaddafi’s military power, the rebels will do the dirty work and remove the dictator themselves. Yet in order for this to happen, the military campaign in Libya must be lengthy, massive and determined, because Gaddafi already proved that he will not give up easily and vowed to fight until the bitter end of all his loyalists.

America cannot publically declare that it embarked on the Libya assault in order to assassinate Gaddafi. US law bans the use of the military in order to assassinate foreign leaders. However, the Obama-led US, with the help of the coalition, should produce the conditions whereby the new Libya would be Gaddafi-free; otherwise, all the smart bombs of the finest armies would be fired in vain.

Obama didn’t want to be Bush

The Libyan people, and the rest of the world too, would only be able to breathe a sigh of relief should Gaddafi be removed. This will not happen in a quick one-time operation as policymakers in Washington hope. If coalition forces are only aiming to bomb Libya and then leave, this was a needless operation.

Even if all of Gaddafi’s planes will be grounded and he’ll be unable to bomb Libya’s citizens from the air, he would still be able to use his artillery or the battleships at his disposal. He would be able to keep killing his rivals.

In his most terrible nightmares, Barack Obama could not imagine a situation whereby he would be the commander in chief of three wars at the same time. The president who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize even before he got used to his new armchair in the Oval Office presented a message of reconciliation with the Muslim world upon being elected, and promised to serve as the bridge between them and the West.

Yet today the US Army is deployed in Afghanistan, still maintains a presence in Iraq and operates in Libya. Obama joined the Libya campaign with a heavy heart: He indeed wanted to protect the Libyan people, yet sought to create a delicate balance so that the Muslim world will not view this as a Western war against it. Obama didn’t want to be Bush. He did not want a war that turns into growing entanglement in Libya’s desert. He decided to embark on this tortuous journey with limits – a brief, quick and paralyzing operation; fire, and then run away.



  1. this article is incompetently written. It is a mixture of fiction and a mixture of self contradictory statements, among which is
    ” …. and therefore there are no appropriate means for gauging when victory is achieved in this battle.

    In order to secure the victory and complete the mission, Muammar Gaddafi must go, along with his relatives, as befits a family of tyrants who sowed terror and fear in the country and robbed the Libyan people.”

    That is what the author Orly Azoulay of ynet news- not a seriously considered world newspaper- writes.

    On the contrary, the stated mission’s primary goal is to stop libya’s leader from mass killing his civilian population. To fictionalize all of the other things in the article about not knowing what the main mission is wreaks of incoherency

  2. Obama is just getting started. He wanted to test the waters and see whether America would flinch if he bypassed congress in taking military action. Now that basically everyone just continues to sit there and suck their thumbs – his next move quite clearly will be to help establish the Palestinian state. He will just wait until there are about 50 or so countries that support it then he will do a similar “quick fix” move in Israel to force Israel to abandon all presence in the West Bank and then he will have kept his promise. Everyone will appluad that move greatly. Then his hidden agenda will be fully clear to all. Yasher Koach America for having elected a President who has obliterated the only functioning democracy in the Middle East, and the only reall Ally in the region. WW3 is well on its way

  3. 112 countries currently recognize Palestine. If Obama was waiting until 50 countries supported it, he’d have established the state in 1988.

  4. comment 4 is based on total ignorance of the subject matter. The President doesn’t need authority from Congress to use the military when the abiding by a Security Council Resolution. Why? Answer: The UN Charter is a Treaty signed by Truman and agreed to by the Senate 98-0. The Constitution states clearly in the Supremacy Clause that treaties entered into are the supreme law of the land and override any conflicting laws- like a bulldozer. The Executive branch of the United States Government is the branch that carries out treaties that require the military since the pres. is the CIC. If the Sec Council approves something the President automatically complies and Congress is not relevant due to the Treaty. To stop the president the Congress neeeds to pass a law defunding the presiodent and then it would go to the Supreme Court.

    The rest of the critics’ arguments against obama are the nonsense that is typical from congressmen and senators.


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