Oklahoma Governor: We Need Prayers


tornadoOklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin said today that her state will rebuild, and she asked for prayers to aid the rescue and recovery.

“Will we be back? Absolutely. Oklahoma has gone through this a couple times, and we’re resilient, strong, courageous people,” Fallin said on “Good Morning America.”

The Republican governor continued: “You know, you probably remember the [Oklahoma City bombing in 1995], which I was in office back then [as lieutenant governor], we went through a tremendous tragedy and loss of life at that time. Oklahoma City has rebounded. It has rebuilt. Oklahoma people are very strong, and they will make it through this, but we’re going to need a lot of prayer and a lot of support to get back on our feet.”

The Associated Press reported Tuesday that at least 24 people – seven of them children – were killed during Monday’s tornadoes, which whipped through the suburban-Oklahoma City region. More than 120 people, including about 50 children, are hospitalized because of the tornadoes, according to The AP. This is the fourth tornado to strike the area since 1998.

“We will rebuild, and we will regain our strength,” Fallin said a press conference this afternoon.

Read more at POLITICO.

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