Only in Israel! Watch An Officer Schmoozing On Her Cellphone While Making An Arrest

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  1. Who says she is shmoozing? Maybe she is calling for a backup. The title is hotzaat shem ra on her and all Isarelis.

  2. she could have been talking to someone at the police dept. Most likely it was work related. I am not one to always scream dan lkav zechus but this may be one of those cases.

  3. Your headline smacks of anti semitism and stereotype bias. What do you mean “only in Israel”? You just had the story of some radio hosts calling a political person turban head. They almost lost their job over it. Now is committing the same crime.

  4. One really has to learn from this heiligeh web site.
    Everyone is being dan lkaf zechut.
    We are DLZ the Israeli police.
    We are DLZ all Israelis.
    We are DLZ the web site Host/Editor/Headline writer.
    We are DLZ each and every commentor.
    So let’s continue to be DLZ
    all people
    at all times
    at all angles
    at each and every opportunity
    at each and every possibility even it is as remote as can be.

    Thank you Matzav for giving us this holy opportunity.

  5. First of all what’s a woman doing in the police force and wearing pants. She is no angel. There are worse pictures. People on phones during davening.

  6. You gotto be DLZ the (very very VERY) important phone daveners as well.
    You’ll feel better and you’ll get a mitzvah too.


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