Photos: Oorah Opens its Catskill Kiruv Camp for Sukkos


oorah-sukkos-5771-1[Photos below.] At this time of year, the hills of upstate New York are usually calm and still. This year on a mountain side in Jefferson, New York it was anything but still. It was alive and bustling with Yiddishkeit. Oorah, always being a revolutionary mosad, opened up its kiruv camp “The Zone” this Yom Tov to over 1,000 campers, staff and families. The first days of Yom Tov, catered to many kiruv families to taste the sweetness of Yom Tov in a torahdikah atmosphere. On Sunday Chol Ha’moed, six coach busses of young campers from Oorahs “Girl Zone” arrived to spend 24 hours of ruach, dancing. Monday, saw more coach busses bringing in the campers from Oorah’s “Boy Zone”. 

The Chol Ha’moed programs consisted of delectable meals, simchas beis hashoeivos with spirited music and lively dancing and the presence of the venerable mashgiach Rav Chaim Mintz shlit”a. Young and old alike walked away inspired and uplifted.

The Yom Tov ruach attracting a wide array of people from all over the tri-state area. Interestingly, a non religious Jew who lives upstate not far from Oorah’s camp, was driving by the road where Oorah’s boys camp is located and noticed two camels grazing in a fenced-in area near the road. This took him by surprise, as camels are not common in this area.  He stopped, only to discover to his surprise, that a religious Jewish camp was located there. He was so impressed by what he saw; he decided to come daven every morning of Chol Ha’moed in camp and plans on continuing his ties with Oorah in the future.

 Oorah’s state of the art facilities were enjoyed by everyone as well. Campers were given the opportunity to reconnect to their counselors, division heads, mashpi’im and Torah Mates. They were given the opportunity to perform na’anuim with the daled minim, for some, their very first time. All the exciting camp activities were in full operation, horseback riding, ATV’s, zip lining across the lake, boating, swimming, and its high tech Nintendo Wii Game room.

Many of the campers from Oorah’s Boys Zone enjoyed Chol Ha’moed so much; they called their parents asking if they can remain there the second days of Yom Tov. has been informed that over 250 people will be celebrating Simchas Torah in “The Zone” as well. It is sure to infuse all participants with the joy of Torah life.

 The beauty of watching this against a breathtaking backdrop of fall foliage invokes simchas Yom Tov in the highest degree.

See below for photos:

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