Oorah’s Monkey Found, Reunited With Feivish


monkey-with-feivishThe monkey that escaped from Oorah’s auction book last week (prize #35 on page 40) was discovered this afternoon canvassing on Forest Avenue and subsequently returned by a good Samaritan┬áin a green suit.

“We’re still not sure how the little monkey got out,” said Yehudah Meth, a spokesman for the organization. “It’s baffling! We keep the door on the catalog carefully locked, but there’s been a lot of tumult at our offices these last few weeks as we prepare for our annual Oorahthon.”

Oorah’s monkey is just one of 46 major prizes that will be available. It’s recommended that you purchase your auction tickets asap before any more prizes get away.

{Noam Amdurski-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. Something smells fishy. If they can stop horsing around and forget all the monkey business, maybe they’ll keep us bug eyed until the auction.

  2. Enough of OORAH already and enough of Feivush. They are coming out of my ears and consequently no $$ is coming out of my pocket!

  3. Was this OOOOOrah’s latest marketing tool to maintain the awareness of their brand in our minds? Tomorrow they will tells us that the monkey gave birth to an elephant.

  4. Can’t anyone at least get Fiveish’s spelling right? Can’t wait to hear the radiothon this year – I remember last year was pretty funny when they had some kind of shma chior for the kids to go to bed and they were wearing those wacky shluff keppel!

  5. To anonymous (#7). It’s a zchus you are missing out on. Don’t be left out, donate today!

    To Dovid (#9) How did you know? Whata a great idea!

  6. very cute!!!
    just remember any kids who go to sleep before 12:00 on the night of the oorahthon can get a SHLUFF-KAPPEL (check your jewish newspaper for a form!!!

  7. seriously speaking – i always find it very inpiring to listen to the auction and hear all th stories from the oorah families. theres really a whole world out there with yidden who are suddenly realizing that even if they live in yehupitz they can learn about torah and mitzvos.


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