Frum Family Faces Eviction

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Dear Yidden,

What’s more important than providing a ‘close to homeless’ family, a roof over their head?

Although there are many of us going through a hard time and my cause is not entirely unique, I still feel compelled to reach out to you as a matter of urgency.

My close friend living in Eretz Yisroel, originally from Chutz Leoretz, is in extreme financial trouble. The father and breadwinner owned a successful business which provided a comfortable livelihood for his family. The business has had a large downturn and has now gone sour, leaving them with NOTHING.


More than just the lack of basic essentials like food and clothes, their basic security – YES THEIR HOME – literally the roof over their heads – is now unstable. The Bailiffs have threatened to evict them from their rental apartment (they used to have their own house…) and repossess whatever possessions they can get their hands on. This family’s physical and emotional well-being is on the edge.

Even for an extremely hard working man like him, who works day and night to provide a livelihood, it’s proven impossible for him to continue on his own! He is looking into other avenues of income but until then, he and his dear family are drowning and suffering.


After seeing the dire situation and verifying the authenticity, I have taken on to raise 110,000 Shekel / $32,000 in order to help him get back on his feet.

Chevra, I turn to you to give a helping hand to your dear brother in this miserable situation, I do not wish on anyone ח’ו. Let us not forget the true but perhaps painful reality – none of us is immune from this situation, it could be any of us.

In the Zechus of your נושאי בעול חבירו and generous support, הקב”ה should save you from any trouble, והריקותי לכם ברכה עד בלי די

May we only hear בשורות טובות

Tizku Lemitzvos

Caring Friends



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