Opponents of Immigration Law Call for Boycott of Arizona Iced Tea – But it is Brewed in New York


arizonaOpponents of Arizona’s new anti-immigrant law are calling for a boycott of the state’s products – including the popular Arizona Iced Tea. The problem: Arizona Iced Tea is actually brewed in New York.

Online, misguided tea fans vowed to switch to Lipton or Snapple.

“Dear Arizona: If you don’t change your immigration policy, I will have to stop drinking your enjoyable brand of iced tea,” Twittered Jody Beth in Los Angeles.

“It is the drink of fascists,” wrote Travis Nichols in Chicago.

The company did not return messages asking if they planned to set the public straight.

Founded in Brooklyn in 1992, the firm was based in Queens before moving into a new $35 million headquarters in Nassau County last year.

The new state law allows cops to demand citizenship papers from anyone they think looks illegal.

Actual Arizona firms facing a boycott: Cold Stone Creamery, U-Haul and Best Western.

{NY Daily News/Noam Amdurski-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. Great. Let them do this dumb boycott. The companies don’t make the policies and these boycotts usually last until the person is thirsty. Go Arizona go.

  2. these people are unreal!! & besides why are they boycotting in the first place ? Because they are upset with the “unfairness”? how many of these “idealists” buy gasoline from “CITGO” wich is owned by HUGO CHAVEZ one of the worst dictators of our times ?

  3. the proposed new state law DOES NOT allow cops to demand citizenship papers from anyone they think looks illegal that would be racial profiling( which is the most effective way to combat crime and terrorism and should be accepted as such)the proposed new state law does allow cops who already suspect someone of a crime to ask for proof of citizenship. big difference

  4. Correction: The new law allows cops who suspect someone of being here illegally (which, let us be honest, in Arizona means that they have brown skin) to demand proof of citizenship on any “lawful contact”.

    The problem is, “lawful contact” includes just about any non-detentionary contact. The officer can just walk up and demand that US Citizens provide “papers, please”. That is unconscionable.


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