Oprah: None of You Watch TV?

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boro-park [Video below.] The Ginsberg family of Boro Park –  Shterna, Aron and their nine children –  invite Oprah to join them for a traditional Jewish meal of gefilte fish, matzo ball soup, potato kugel and challah bread. During the meal, Oprah asks the children about growing up without television and test their pop culture knowledge. Plus, Shterna and Oprah share an aha! moment. [See our previous story on this here.]

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  1. This whole interview is embarrasing and fake.
    First of all who didnt hear of mickey mouse?
    second of all if they didnt watch a tv,which is very possible,they know what it is!
    And third of all EVERY frum woman wears a sheitel not just chasidic.

  2. I am proud and sorry to prove you wrong.

    We are a Frum/Chassidic family and my wife and married children do NOT wear a wig,(just a black Tichel) because we follow the Psak of Moran Harav Elyashiv Shlita and Moran Chacham Ovadia Shlita, that the wigs of today’s times are prohibited, because it looks just like and even better then real human hair.

    BTW I don’t think any of thee above is fake, my children also dont know who Mickey Mouse is and they live a very happy life with out it.

    What I hate to admit is, that the above interview should not be embarrassing at all, nothing wrong with being proud that us Yidden live a cleaner life then the rest of the world, if only we would all be proud of our Holy Torah the Jewish would would look better and brighter…..for all of us.

    It’s very sad that Rebetzen Opra has to come and give us Musser to encourage us not to have a T.V. Ipod etc.

    The problem that some of us may have is that we live a fake life, keeping the Torah only when it’s convenient for us, for example, which Posiak was ever Matir to go mixed swimming in Florida or…. we have the same Torah all over the place and the same Hashem is watching over us all over the world, time for us (me too) to wake up and do Teshuva, we are at the end of days, so many Gedolim sick in the hospital, why don’t we wake up and get a little closer to Hashem, each and everyone in their own way.

    Yes indeed it’s not easy to be perfect and I am far from perfect but we have to try to keep to the 613 Mitzvos as much as possible.

    May Hashem Yisboruch help each and every one of us to for-fill our purpose of coming into this world and be Zocha to greet Moshiach in the near future.

  3. #6 you are right except for one thing: We are in the limelight whetehr we like it or not thus it is important to counteract negative portrayals with positive ones such as this

  4. Dear V.B. where are you typing from? Oh, that’s right. A computer. I suppose you have a Mickey Mouse blocker. I know what is Mickey Mouse and so do my children, they also know what a TV is. However I did not know who is Oprah, so I found that out. It’s some USA afroamerican talkshow opinionist. She is xian but a book describes her as a leader of her own religious movement, and she played a big role into bringing the LGBT movement into mainstream. Oooohhh!!! someone who is so careful about the kids not knowing Mickey Mouse or the very existance of TV (which is a blessing, at least in hospital rooms) has no problem with their children finding out who is this person Oprah?

    Now may I ask a question, do you follow HaRav Elyashiv shlita or do you follow HaRav Ovadia shlita? Or do you make up your own “psak”? It’s not possible to follow both. Besides I have not heard comments from either of them, supporting your concept of “end of days”. Can you please quote them?

  5. I don’t understand anyones problem her. Chabad has a goal and that is to be mkarev as many yidden as possible. If Oprah is that path then so be it. If its not assur then there should be no problem. Second Some people on this blog make it seem like this video is intended for them, its not. Its made for the yid in wyoming or Oregon who looks up to Oprah as a role model

  6. The only character the kids could’ve known were Mickey Mouse. I’m sure if they’d been asked about Hello Kitty, they would’ve known. We grew up knowing Disney characters from stationery and notebooks, not TV. The kids are probably familiar with other characters more prevalent in the Heimishe stores.
    What irked me most was this open talk of private matters. Isn’t anything sacred any longer

  7. hey # 4…….
    it says you live in eretz yisrael.Thats not where the interview was.IT WAS IN AMERICA 2012
    so again,every kid heard of mickey mouse,and a sheitel is NOT a chasidishe thing to wear,and she was refering to it as a head covering,not a sheitel perse,so again,EVERY frum woman covers her hair one way or another.


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