Orlando Paper Endorses “Not Trump” For 2020

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An Orlando newspaper released a scathing presidential endorsement opposing Donald Trump hours before he is set to officially announce his 2020 re-election campaign in the city.

“Trump’s successful assault on truth is the great casualty of this presidency, followed closely by his war on decency,” The Orlando Sentinel’s editorial board wrote in an article titled “Our endorsement for president in 2020: Not Donald Trump.”

The piece criticized Trump’s extensive history of lying while in office, his praise for authoritarian leaders and his addition to the national debt. The editorial board noted that it was not necessarily endorsing the eventual Democratic candidate and would gladly endorse a Republican or independent challenger, but that it did not want to “suffer” a second Trump term.

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  1. U are criticizing that he supposedly lied did you ever criticize Obama or Hillary for lying about matters that cost lives and put our national interests in jeapordy? Can anyone explain this lunacy where Hillary and obama can commit the worst outrages from unsecured email servers to giving Iran billions of dollars and there isn’t one word of criticism and trump who has accomplished quite a bit gets only criticism without the slightest acknowledgment that he has done something positive for the country

  2. One time, many years ago, I made the mistake of being disgusted by both of the leading candidates and not voting. To my dismay, the worse of the two candidates nearly won by a razor-thin margin. Ever since then I always voted; sometimes for the candidate I liked better and other times for the candidate I hated less.
    The Orlando Sentinel is now making the same mistake that I did by refusing to endorse President Trump regardless of who his opponent is. Do they honestly believe that (heaven forbid) a President Sanders or the like would be better for our country?

  3. Ouch! Couldn’t they at least gave given him his day! That failure indicates politicization vs. substance. Same old! Same old!

  4. Hope the thousands of people who attended the rally, many of whom lined up 40 hours beforehand will boycott this junk rag.

    Regarding the national debt, had the previous Presidents stopped the Federal Reserve, the Queen, the Vatican and Central Banks from stealing the US taxpayer’s money (which has been going on for more than 200 years), the US wouldn’t have been in debt. Of course a good portion of the money was chipped off for the Presidents and other politicians before it went further. Now that President Trump was in England, he got the Queen to sign that the US people will be in control of the monetary system and nobody else will get a bite.

    • Central Banks closed is precisely why the The Deep State / Cabal are mad and doing everything to stop President Trump from launching the new financial system and the revaluation of the currency. It won’t help them much because it’ll be out very soon.


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