OU Issues Statement On NY Post Indecent Cover

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ou-emblem2The following is a statement from the Orthodox Union: The New York Post headline Sunday following the gruesome murder of Menachem Stark, “Who didn’t want him dead?” is a violation of every rule of taste, decency and respect that even newspapers that depend on coverage that shocks and titillates must observe. Regarding respect, even if they had none for the victim, certainly they should have demonstrated some feeling for the deceased’s widow and seven children, who are now mourning his loss.

We do not accuse the Post of anti-Semitism. Its strong support of Israel over the years has been most welcome, when publications of a more genteel character have criticized the Jewish state on a regular basis. But the fact that the photo and headline will surely encourage others to be anti-Semitic, or to fuel their already existing anti-Semitism, makes it clear that the headline should simply have read, “Cops Investigate Brutal Murder of Father of Seven.”

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  1. great idea Jack! many yiddin shop macy’s. let’s get this # info viral and let them know!any specific person/office to speak to? did you call? reaction?

  2. “How come there was no such reaction when hacham ovadia was vilified
    By the same trashy paper”

    This trashy paper has been vilifying non-Jews for decades. In addition it promotes licentiousness through its non-tzniut photographs and celebrity gossip pages. But we’ve kept silent because it had pro-Israel editorials and also aggressively pushed conservative causes. When will we learn?

    “Macy’s advertises in the New York Post lets call them to stop advertising in the post”

    Rupert Murdoch loses tens of millions of dollars every year on the Post. He doesn’t care; he just wants an additional vehicle to promote his hedonism and right wing politics in the New York market. What would make a difference would be to boycott all advertisers of his profitable media outlets such as the Fox Network, Fox News, and the Wall Street Journal, none of which would be missed (except by right wing extremists) were they to disappear.

  3. JDL has been gone for many years now. Our own community shunned and delegitimized anyone who believes in any sort of active Al Sharpton type defense. Now let’s reap the consequences: be it knockout games or the already trashy NY Post going all out Der Sturmer. The police and the court system won’t come to our aid when we need it the most.

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