Our Mishloach Manos Poem

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mishloach-manos2By S. Friedman, Matzav.com

As we’ve done with Shalach Monos on Purims past

We present to you a news round up, real fast

Summing up all that’s happened in a year’s time

All the while, trying to make it end in rhyme

So here is our review delivered to your door

Enjoy it with some snacks at no cost more

All of the Eastern US was gripped with a feeling of dread

Terrorists? No! Bugs- the types that bite you in bed

Terrorism makes everyone in NYC always be alert

Like the bomber caught by the guy selling a T-Shirt

Flights were cancelled because a volcano in Iceland blew its’ stack

Just like the crazy flight attendant who jumped on the tarmac

Speaking of airports, it’s not enough to remove your shoes and boots

Now you go through scanners so you can be seen in birthday suits

“Let’s drill for oil far away, out in the open sea!”

Famous last words, spoken by the doomed BP

If mentioning leaks, one cannot leave out those of Wiki

Who made governments wiggle out of situations very sticky

In an upside down world the villain is made out to be a hero

Sort of like building an enormous mosque right by Ground Zero

Deep beneath the ground they waited ever so patiently

The whole world watched as they rescued the miners in Chile

Waiting with patience served the Chilean miners well

But not for idle plow operators when two feet of snow fell

Another huge storm was one that happened in November

Voters turned out en masse to show that they always remember

Yelling and screaming and overall just having a fit

That’s how the mobs overthrew the President of Egypt

Monkeys tend to do as which they see,

Libya copied Egypt and tried to get rid of Gahdafi

The fervor spread to Wisconsin to the Union backers

Whose congress needed to be found by professional trackers

So that’s what’s happened, both exciting and not

In honor of the holiday that remembers Haman’s lot

So whether you spend it with family or with friends

Enjoy this Purim from the very start until it ends

Only news of each other’s simchos should we all hear

And may we finally be able to greet Moshiach this year

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