OUT TO LUNCH: Biden Hasn’t Spoken To A Single World Leader Since Afghanistan Disaster

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President Biden hasn’t spoken with any of his foreign counterparts since Kabul fell to the Taliban, his national security adviser, Jake Sullivan, said on Tuesday.

Sullivan said other members of the administration were making calls abroad instead because the discussions were more logistical.

Other world leaders have spent the last several days on the telephone with allies. German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President Emmanuel Macron and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson have all conferred with each other.

Johnson, meanwhile, has proposed a virtual meeting of the G7.

But Biden has left the calls to foreign allies to those on his team.

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  1. Since Biden is hardly aware of his immediate surroundings, let alone of what is happening overseas, and probably isn’t too sure whether Afghanistan is in Africa or somewhere in South America, his refusal to speak with other leaders actually makes sense. Why would he wish to prove beyond any reasonable doubt that he is totally demented, and utterly incapable of making even the smallest decisions?
    Let Psaki circle back to whoever is asking, or even the janitorial staff, who at least are able to find their way around the White House.

  2. Very depressing situation. We are currently leaderless. Yet, all the democrats and their allies in the media are worried about, is former President Trump’s personal tax returns and whether a couple of democrat provacatour’s entered the Capital building, the people’s house, “illegally” on Jan 6th, dirtying the carpet.

  3. I suspect he was given a cocktail of drugs to prepare him for that address on Monday. Now, he is recovering from those drugs.


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