Outrageous Hotel Rates In Israel

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Israel hotels compare badly with their overseas counterparts, Haaretz reported.

“We’re considered expensive by European standards, but we lack European conditions,” a tour operator said.

A World Economic Forum 2017 report ranked Israel 95th in hotel costs with an average price of $204 per night at a luxury hotel. The United States was 54th at $124 a night.

Although a record three million foreign tourists visited Israel this year, the figure is far higher in Jordan and even in strife racked Egypt.

Hoteliers blame the high rate on higher labor costs, which account for 34% of their expenses; kashrus, which takes 3% of their revenues; municipal taxes, which cut out another 2.5% to 3%; and the cost of armed security.

A result of all this is the rising popularity of Airbnb rented apartments. 300,000 people rented such apartments in Israel between January and July, 25% more than last year.

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  1. “Hoteliers blame the high…….”
    Who are they kidding???
    They charge as much as the market is willing to pay.
    If they had empty rooms they would have to lower their prices because an empty room certainly doesn’t generate any revenue.

  2. What’s wrong with charging as much as they’d like? No one forcing anyone to stay there, or to travel in Israel. Even if your sem or married daughter is there for whom you’re already forking over 20k.

  3. Hotel prices, like those of clothing, appliances, real estate, and everything else, are reflective of their market value. The supply is shorter than the demand, therefore, the hotel management is asking for as much as people are willing to pay. It is that simple.
    What baffles me is that the same people, who paid for a house in Boro Park or Midwood 200,000 a while back, and sold it recently for way over a million, using the same principle of supply and demand, wonder as to why a hotel room is more than they feel is appropriate.

  4. Try a hotel in manhattan. Some go for 400,800 and up a night. And this is regular hotels on upper west side. If they got the clients they charge.

  5. What luxury hotel can I stay in the US for $124 a night? That maybe gets you a holiday inn. Something doesn’t sound right here.


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