Over 100 Mishloach Manos Packages Sent to Cancer Doctors and Hospital Staff on Behalf of RCCS Patients

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mishloach-manosTo express hakaras hatov — heartfelt appreciation — to the medical professionals who treat our cancer-stricken families, RCCS staff and volunteers assembled and delivered over one hundred elaborate Mishloach Manos packages in honor of Purim to doctors and their staffs throughout the United States.

In the past twelve months, RCCS has successfully recovered close to two million dollars for cancer patients who were originally denied medical benefits – unfairly – by several health insurance companies. Although the Rofeh Cholim Cancer Society (RCCS) is primarily known for subsidizing health insurance premiums for cancer-stricken members of our community, its newest service, the Patient Services Division, was created in response to the pleas of many patients struggling with the insurance giants. The amounts of money being denied can be astounding and, sometimes, overwhelming.

Many of these cases entail patients who are referred by medical experts to out-of-state, specialized cancer centers. Often, insurance companies refuse to cover these treatments, forcing patients to undergo treatment in hospitals with less expertise in their particular cancer, an unacceptable option in the face of acute life-and-death illnesses. The difference in treatments could be in excess of a quarter million dollars, but RCCS will “go to bat” for patients’ rights, enabling them to seek the treatments that they are entitled to.

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  1. Why would one call it “Mishloach Manos packages”
    when Mishloach Manos can only be given on purim which is a few days away?
    Its not even “yud-Aleph” (the 11th day in adar).

  2. I am astounded by comment #1 from a Mr. “Hepech” (what a perfect name for such an inane comment).
    No response should be necessary, but I do so in defense of the volunteers of RCCS who sponsored, purchased, wrapped, and delivered these beautiful and meaningful packages.
    Most of these packages were delivered to families of RCCS patients, FOR THEM TO DELIVER TO THEIR DOCTORS on Purim, or whenever they are able.
    Families stricken with this dreaded disease are overwhelmed with just trying to cope with helping the patient survive; they usually don’t have time to prepare Mishloach Manos packages, hence this marvelous volunteer project, made possible by those who care about our struggling brothers and sisters.
    May we SOON see the day when “cancer” will be a word from the past and RCCS will merit to close down due to lack of patients!
    Rabbi Yosef C. Golding
    Executive Director
    Rofeh Cholim Cancer Society

  3. To # 4

    Please READ the news item.

    “…assembled and DELIVERED over one hundred elaborate Mishloach Manos packages in honor of Purim TO DOCTORS …”

    Your org. is the greatest org there is,
    and you should deliver packages plus other things all year round. It just ain’t Mishloach Manos.

    I’m sure #1 feels the same way.

  4. i think its very very nice of RCCS to do this! im sure the patients appreciated it, and it took a great deal off their shoulders! i think RCCS is a great organization which deserves ALOT of credit and support! hashem should help klal yisroel that RCCS should be able to close down due to the lack of patients! AMEN!

  5. To #5-

    as i see it. #1 did not mean to bring out that they should give all year round.. hat he meant was that they are giving too early..

    btw, i know personally, that RCCS DOES give all year round!

  6. Dear RCCS,

    I haven’t yet thanked you for the Chanukah treats
    That you sent for the children, how very sweet
    Of you.
    The toys were fabulous
    What a glee and delight
    The children played together, they didn’t fight.
    And Mommy had a chance to relax.
    How nice.

    Words cannot convey what you have done for a Yiddishe mameh and a Yiddishe shteeb.

    Now again you took the time to tune in
    To help us out on Purim.

    How did you know that energies are low
    And mishloach manos is a pain in the toe?
    We like to do it,
    But we are stretched so thin
    And what little energy is left is used to take care of us and the kids.
    No energy left for mishloach manos.
    But RCCS understands that so well, and they step in with a smile.

    You delivered eye-catching mishloach manos to my parents dear,
    They were touched by the personal note attached, a detail you did not overlook.

    You enriched my life by knowing that RCCS is ensuring
    That other people, such as my surgeon, also receive mishloach manos ‘from me’.

    So far, those who have received the mishloach manos have expressed to me their admiration for RCCS for tuning into the real practical needs of patients.

    What can I say,
    You know of the pain
    And because you know of it
    You know what it takes to ease it,
    To soften its impact.

    And you do it.
    With sensitivity,
    Utmost caring,
    And with help from HaShem.

    What can I say,
    My soul is touched by your work.

    May your acts of loving-kindness bring the geula closer!

    Wishing you all a simchas Purim and a simchas tamid.

    Gratefully Yours,


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