Overwhelming Response to Telshe Memorial Tribute Dinner Prompts Change of Venue to Cleveland Renaissance Hotel

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telshe-clevelandBy Nochum Mozes

Momentum has been steadily building over the past months for the Telshe Yeshiva’s upcoming Rav Chaim Stein Memorial Tribute Dinner. The overwhelming response from talmidim and alumni, from across the country and from as far away as Eretz Yisroel, has necessitated a change of venue for the dinner to a larger and better appointed facility.

The dinner has been relocated to the prestigious Renaissance Hotel in downtown Cleveland. With over 22,000 square feet of ballroom space, this location can amply provide for the large number of attendees who have signed up to date, as well as the many more expected over the coming week.

In addition to marking the historic milestone of 70 years of Telshe Yeshiva in America, the dinner has the special significance of being dedicated to the memory of the Rosh Hayeshiva Rav Chaim zt”l. The warm response to the dinner, spanning all age groups and tekufos in the Yeshiva’s 70-year history, is a reflection of the warmth and connection that Rav Chaim zt”l succeeded in forging with multiple generations of talmidim.

Marking a Historic Transition

Moreover, this year’s dinner comes at a crucial transitional point in Telshe history. In keeping with the words of Shlomo Hamelech, Vzorach Hashemesh Uva Hashemesh, the sunset marked by the Rosh Hayeshiva’s passing also ushered in the dawning of a new and vibrant era for the Yeshiva. The renewed vibrancy today in the Bais Medrash is recognized as a fulfillment of the prediction repeated time and again by Rav Chaim during his final years, that the Telshe Yeshiva will experience a Chadeish Yomeinu K’kedem.

This winter, new Roshei Hayeshiva and new faculty members were inaugurated in the Bais Medrash. In the words of Harav Avrohom Chaim Levin, Rosh Hayeshiva of Telshe Chicago, who presided over the inauguration, “This is a new tekufah! A tekufah of growth, with new Roshei HaYeshiva and a new optimism and enthusiasm!”

Jointly chairing the dinner are Mr. Yosef Davis of Chicago and Mr. Jake Koval of Cleveland. Prominent talmidim of Rav Chaim from cities across North America have stepped forward to spearhead this dinner as a means of securing the bright future of Telshe, as well as the legacy of their beloved rebbe. Mr. Moishe Hellman of New York, who was zoche to maintain a 50-plus year kesher with Rav Chaim, is serving as the Chairman of the Rosh Hayeshiva Tribute Committee.

Mr. Shmuel Hauer of Toronto, who would host Rav Chaim’s during the Rosh Hayeshiva’s visits to Toronto, is serving as the Chairman of the International Alumni Committee. Mr. Shlome Chaimovits, one of the Rosh Hayeshiva’s most devoted talmidim and confidants, is the Chairman of National Alumni Committee. In addition, some 75 well-known balebattim, serving a number of committees, have lent their time and talent to maximize the success of the dinner event and the capital campaign.

An Opportunity to Reconnect

Rabbi Zvi Belsky, the Yeshiva’s Executive VP, describes the breadth and scope of the response to the campaign thus far. “We were initially expecting a sizable representation from Northeast cities like Lakewood and Brooklyn and set up preliminary plans for transportation and accommodations. Shortly after the word of the dinner got out, the calls just began pouring in. From Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore. From Miami, Toronto, Montreal. And even from Eretz Yisroel. There sentiment shared by the Telshe alumni is that this dinner an event to be part of.”

The dinner was initially scheduled to take place at the Hilton Cleveland East, in Beachwood. When it became obvious that this facility could not accommodate the number of reservations that had come in, the dinner organizers convened and decided to move it to the Renaissance. Meanwhile, the calls continue to come in, as Yeshiva office fields requests for travel arrangements and accommodations from cities all across the United States.

The dinner is scheduled for Sunday, May 6, 14 Iyar. A special Yarchei Kallah is being planned for the afternoon of the dinner featuring a lineup of shiurim by the Telshe Roshei Yeshiva, as well as visiting Roshei Yeshiva and prominent speakers. The program is being arranged in response to the request of many talmidim and alumni, who will be making the trip in from out of town and would like to utilize their time in Cleveland as an opportunity to reconnect with the Yeshiva. In addition, there will be a sheves achim for alumni following the dinner.

Bus transportation is being arranged from Lakewood, Brooklyn and Monsey and group flights are being coordinated by the Yeshiva office from various cities. For information regarding reservations, transportation, travel info or to place an ad the commemorative journal, please call the yeshiva office at 440-943-5300 or email [email protected]

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  1. As was reported here and in other places, Rav Shlomo Eisenberger and Rav Ahron Dovid Goldberg both have the title Rosh Hayeshiva.

  2. i am also making plans to travel from lakewood to dinner .it’s beautiful to see so many people involved and working on putting this dinner together in tribute to moran horav chaim stein zatzal ..especially the yarchei kallah idea sounds so special .to be back once again in the koslei hayeshiva ..also i think alot of people are going to dinner the same way the traveled to get a brocha from rav chaim zatzal . what a true honor to be part of this event ..kol hakovod to all the office staff etc.for all the arrangments .

  3. This promises to be an amazing event. Kudos to Rabbi Tzvi Belsky and Rabbi Dovid Greenwald and everyone who worked very hard to make this a success. It is not too late to make arrangements to attend –

  4. telshe is an unbelievable place the yarchei kallah idea was the best yet cant wait to see all my former friends and classmates the dinner will just be spectacular I CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks to dovid greenwald and tzvi belsky and all the other vollunteers for making this happen we have finally overcome our difficult tekufa may hashem make this the start to the of rav chaims havtacha may the present rosh yeshivos and rabbeim be gebentshed cant wait to meet them personally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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