Paladino Reads Anti-Toeivah Remarks Prepared By Yehuda Levin In Brooklyn


paladinoRepublican candidate for governor Carl Paladino vowed to “oppose the” toeivah “agenda” in two public speeches with representatives of the Orthodox community in Brooklyn on Sunday.

“Your community and other religious communities and pro-values communities can still band together to save societal values,” said Paladino, a businessman from Buffalo at the Karlsburger bais medrash led by Rav Yechezkel Roth on 53rd Street in Bor Park. “Marriage should be between a man and a woman, pure and simple.”

The remarks read in Boro Park by Paladino, who often speaks without prepared text, were written by Rabbi Yehuda Levin, Rabbi Levin told The Jewish Week.

Rabbi Levin, who endorsed Paladino on September 21 at his shul in Flatbush, has become an advisor to Paladino on the Orthodox community.

At a second stop in Brooklyn, K’hal Adas Kashau in Williamsburg, Paladino blasted his opponent, Democrat Andrew Cuomo, for marching in the annual toeivah pride parade, saying he would not do so, and attacked school curricula that teach tolerance of the toeivah lifestyle.

“I don’t want [children] brainwashed into thinking [toeivah] is an equal valid and successful option,” according to reports. Some media reported that a line that was in his prepared text, saying “there is nothing to be proud of in being a dysfunctional [toeivah],” was in his prepared text but not delivered.

Rabbi Levin, who said Paladino edited the speeches personally, said he knew who had written the Williamsburg speech but was not at liberty to say.

“Politicians often have speechwriters and then the candidate looks [the speeches] over,” Rabbi Levin said in a phone interview on Sunday night. “There were several things he didn’t feel comfortable with.”

Paladino’s remarks received national coverage, and were promptly denounced by Cuomo.

“Mr. Paladino’s statement displays a stunning homophobia and a glaring disregard for basic equality,” said his spokesman, Josh Vlasto.

A majority of state legislators voted against a toeivah -marriage proposal last year. Paladino has said he would uphold such a measure if it passed a state referendum by voters.

Brooklyn’s Orthodox community has become something of a battleground between the two candidates. Cuomo visited Williamsburg and Borough Park admorim last Sunday.

The Boro Park speech also attacked a group of Orthodox Jews, without naming them, who had accused Paladino of anti-Semitism on the steps of City Hall on Sept. 20. That group, which included Assemblyman Dov Hikind, were angered by Paladino’s affirmation of comments by the Erie County supervisor attacking Assembly Sheldon Silver. Paladino on Sunday said Hikind and the others never called him to hear his side of the story.

Paladino drew applause in the crowded room when he said “parents should be given a choice about whether to send children to public or religious school [and] it’s only fair that the secular education of our children be covered [by taxpayers] wherever they choose to study.” There was also applause when he vowed to veto spending by the state on abortions.

Read more in The Jewish Week.

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  1. What a Kiddush Hashem! We finally have a candidate running for PUBLIC office that is not afraid to express Kvod Shomayim seniments! Thank you Carl. Thank you Rabbi Levin. Enough of the constant Chillul Hashem. You think the Anoi Yehudim don’t take notice of how our people vote?! It has been a disgrace for way to long! Let’s hope the average Frum Yid rejects and votes AGAINST those who attack our Holy Torah. Behatzlacha!

  2. #2 – You smoking some pretty strange stuff, young man. Grow up, read the news!

    Regardless – Anyone who votes for Cuomo is Chayav Misah (mi’deoraisah). I personally heard Rav Dovid say this.

  3. Paladino’s an idiot for reading the statement and whoever wrote it for him obviously doesn’t care if he looses the election, no normal politician is anti toeivah in today’s world, and if they are not pro they keep their mouth shut.

    I have an idea why doesn’t Rabbi Levine run for governor on the anti toeivah ticket?

    Id love to know which godol is advising rabbi Levin?

  4. At this point, I plan to vote for Paladino. He lacks the political experience to do his rioting behind closed doors as the rest of the Albany pols do, but I agree with his positions.

  5. #3 – Toeivah is what it is and what it should be called, not the name the toeivah’niks cooked up to make it sound nice and innocent, ?”?.

  6. Thank you mr. Palidino I thought you had a small shot at office, but you decided to throw it away. On behlf of all New york thank you. I look forward to Governor Cuomo’s 8 years

  7. #9, stealing is also called toeivah, are we going to begin to use this phrase on those in our community who are not honest in business as well?

  8. Response to #13:

    Nonsense. The violation of Shabbos also carry the death penalty, and yet you don’t use the word “toeivah” for those things either.

    The obsession with toeivah people, especially from Mr. Paladino, is very telling.

  9. Paladino’s a messy and hypocritical baffoon.

    Forget your own persecution in history? Yellow stars and pink triangles all found the same miserable end.

  10. #14 — Your support for toeiva is very telling. Yes, Chillul Shabbos too carries a death penalty. It too is a terrible crime. It doesn’t lessen the capital crime of toeiva.

  11. You’re all missing the point. We no longer follow the “establishments” recommendations/endorsements like blind bats! we’re not as dumb & stupid as they make us (the frum voter) out to be. The Lazar/Greenfeild race for City Council is the biggest Raaya. We, little people, dummies, were told that we have a choiv kadosh to vote for Lazar. What happened? He got trounced! It wasn’t even close! The Frum voter said, enough is enough. We are sick of being talked down to. We do have our own minds & we won’t be led like little sheep anymore.


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