Palestinian Dresses Up As a Chassidishe Yid to Avoid Harassment

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nasserA Palestinian laborer found a creative way to move around freely in Yerushalayim’s chareidi neighborhoods and avoid harassment following the recent wave of terror: He dressed up as a Chassidishe Yid.

Ynet reports that Nasser, a maintenance worker at a yeshiva in the Belzer neighborhood, asked his chareidi friends to help him avoid being attacked by providing him with tzitzis and a yarmulka. He was forced, however, to return to his home in Chevron at his family’s request until the situation calmed down.

The Palestinian worker worked at the shul on Rechov Minchas Yitzchok with cleaning work, renovations and maintenance. On the backdrop of the recent wave of terror, which has been characterized by lone-wolf terrorists, he feared he would be harassed or arrested.

He decided that if he dressed up as a chareidi Jew and disguised his accent, he would be able to able to go on with his work. But the plan was unhelpful.

“The IDF imposed a siege on Palestinian areas, and my family was afraid that I would get hurt and asked me to come home,” he said in a phone conversation this week. “I decided to take time off from work. I don’t know if I have a replacement, but I had to return home.”

Before he left, his friends documented his disguise as evidence of the atmosphere of fear on the streets among Palestinians workers. According to Nasser, even before he decided to stay home, he was forced to repeatedly deal with roadblocks and delays on his way to work in Yerushalayim.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. Ah, Chaza”l knew what they were talking about when they wrote not to give a brged tzitzis to a goy to clean. (More so to sell him one.)

  2. I feel so bad that nebach he has to deal with roadblocks and ‘harassment’ ….
    But most important which naar actually went and provided an Arab worker with items so that he can disguise himself as a charedi?? Don’t people think how dangerous this can be?? They can’t be trusted!! Not one of them!

  3. It was foolish of them to give him clothing to disguise himself. He could havae turned terrorist and done a lot of damage. Long term employment is not a guarantee. Look at the terrorist who worked for Bezeq for eight years.

  4. No arab can be trusted. Should be zero tolerance for hiring arabs. With no money and no jobs arabs would know that we are not being indecisive .

  5. How feeble minded to give sustenance to our enemies! Even if this particular Arab will not kill us (a big sofek), he’ll still bring his earnings to his community, which will nourish those that actually will kill us. Save labor costs at the expense of Jewish blood?!


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