Palestinian Girl Who Slapped IDF Soldier To Be Released

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Soldier-slapping teen Ahed Tamimi will be released from Hasharonim prison this upcoming Sunday.

On December 15th, 16-year-old Ahed Tamimi, her 21-year-old cousin Nour Tamimi, and Ahed’s mother, Namiran, confronted two IDF soldiers stationed in the town to keep the peace, following the outbreak of riots in the area.

During the encounter, which was filmed, all three of the Tamimis attempted to provoke the soldiers, shoving, slapping, and kicking them while shouting at them. Neither of the soldiers responded to the provocations, and none of the three Tamimis was arrested at the time.

The video recording of the incident went viral, sparking a backlash from Israelis who demanded the three be punished for their assault.

Read more at Arutz Sheva.



  1. The Judenrat let the islamonazi off the hook again. If a Jewish teen did this to a capo, they’d throw a book at him. The double standard is shocking.

  2. Something in my mind tells me that this is not the last that we’ll be hearing from this terrorist known as “Shirley Temper”.
    Hopefully, once she’s out of jail, an “accident” could be “arranged” to happen to her.


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