Parents Protest Against Sharing School With Chareidim

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Secular parents of the hundred-year-old Ehrlich School in Teveriah are up in arms at a decision of Mayor Yosi Ben David to use a small part of its building for a Talmud Torah belonging to the kehillah of Rav Dov Kook (pictured above) after a building used by the cheder was sold.

To show their displeasure, the secular parents kept the school’s 250 children home on Friday and threatened not to register them for the next school year.

Teveriah spokesman Ilan Ohana said the parents have forty-five days to formally lodge their complaints before the issue is decided by an allocation committee. The allocation will be for only one year, renewable on an annual basis. The mayor was to meet with a representative of the parents.

David Steger – Israel


  1. Torah issues in the secular community? Why would not a family want a jewish family in their jewish community who keeps the LAWS of MOSES?

    This is probably absurd. I can only think that the mention of kosher to half of them means “Start over without killing someone”.

    There is so much resistance in the secular community to think kosher that any conversation about G-d or Torah is met with the assumption that “you have your wander to choose what you want [but I will have ever dirty right to decide that you are crazy]”. That is the scare of the orthodox. We make the ignorant more intelligent. Hard feeling to understand.

    Traumatic humor.


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