Pathetic: Congressional Black Caucus Declines Meeting with Trump

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The Congressional Black Caucus is declining an invitation to meet with President Donald Trump, saying the group’s concerns have not been addressed.

“Given the lack of response to any of the many concerns we have raised with you and your administration, we decline your invitation for all 49 members of the Congressional Black Caucus to meet with you,” Rep. Cedric Richmond, the group’s chairman, said in a letter to the president.

Richmond says the Congressional Black Caucus sent letters to Trump and his cabinet members about a variety of issues in January, March, April and June, but the administration has not responded. The group met with Trump and Vice President Mike Pence at the White House in March. Read more at CONGRESSIONAL BLACK CAUCUS.



  1. Could one imagine having a white caucus at the Congress? How about such an entity existing and refusing to meet with Obama?

  2. The Congressional WHITE Caucus won’t meet with the black caucus either. So there. Oooh, I got you last.
    No, seriously. I hope the Trump team will be able to sleep at night. Such a loss is extremely difficult to deal with.

  3. Mr. Trump is not always making every comfort possible in America . One would surmise that this group of African-American men and women must not feel happy. Perhaps the Republican community can pray that they can find better solace in this new administration that they have put together. So much is at stake right now we must hope for the best.


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