Paul Ryan Writing A Book


paul-ryan1Everyone knows the first step in your presidential campaign is to write a book. Enter Paul Ryan.

The former GOP vice presidential candidate is working on a new tome set to release next year. Ryan, who is so far writing the book himself, is focusing on the theme of American renewal and will offer policy prescriptions to help the Republican Party in the future.

The book will also be part autobiographical as it will delve into his childhood in Ohio, his relationship with Jack Kemp, and his time in the House of Representatives. Read more at National Review.

{ Newscenter}


  1. If his book is aptly named “How I Flew The Cuckoos Nest”, I will certainly buy it to really see how this man has infact removed his soul from the true way of mankind. It might be revealing and educational.

  2. He should name it: How I Ruined My Chance at the Presidency Because I Ran on a Ticket With Someone Who was Too Inept to be President


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