Pay for Slay in Palestine: U.S. Aid Becomes a Transfer Payment for Terrorists

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PA officials tell foreign audiences that they oppose terrorism, yet they pay generous rewards to Palestinians who carry out bombings, stabbings and other attacks against innocents in Israel, the Wall Street Journal stated in a powerful editorial this week.

“These payments are codified in Palestinian law, which dictates that the deadlier an attack, the richer the reward,” the Journal says. “Payments equaled $315 million last year, or 8% of the PA budget. The family of Bashar Masalha, who last year stabbed 11 people near Tel Aviv and killed Taylor Force, a U.S. Army veteran visiting Israel, now receives monthly payments equal to several times the average Palestinian wage.

The Journal added that “The White House has invited PA President Mahmoud Abbas to Washington ‘in the near future.’ Whenever that meeting happens, ending the PA’s bureaucracy of terror should be atop the agenda.”



  1. In a nutshell:
    If US aid is going for paying the ‘salaries’ of terrorists, then the US government is effectively funding terrorism.

  2. The Land of Make Believe exists in the Middle East.
    – That’s where we make believe the P.A. is actually an entity that would consider a real and lasting peace with Israel, if only a reasonable Israeli government existed. The fact that Israel agreed to give up all territories demanded by the P.A. INCLUDING THE HAR HA’BAYIS only to be rejected out of hand is completely ignored.
    – That’s where we make believe that countries which lionize and deify the murderers of civilian men, women and children are reasonable negotiating partners interested in peace, rather than brainwashed, anti-Semitic genocidal wanna-be’s.
    – That’s where we make believe that it’s normal for a country to absorb nonstop terrorist attacks from hostile neighbors without striking back. Never and nowhere in human history has any other country been expected to endure invasions, rocket and mortar attacks, underground tunneling incursions, hostage taking and much more without fighting back until the attacking country has been defeated.

    Can anyone even imagine Saudi Arabia being asked to give up Mecca to ISIS? The U.S. being asked not to retaliate for 9/11? Yet Israel is not only asked to do the equivalent, when it does so it receives no credit.
    The efforts of the Roth family, the Flatows and other bereaved victims of anti-Semitic terror aren’t for naught, because we do have a few friends among the world community who will recognize the truth. Unfortunately, those friends are few and far between and their voices are all too often drowned out by our enemies and their cold-blooded enablers.


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