Pence Launches Advocacy Group Combining MAGA, Traditional Conservatism

Bloomberg photo by Andrew Harrer.
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Former Vice President Mike Pence is re-emerging publicly with the launch of an advocacy group that combines traditional conservatism and the Make America Great Again movement.

Pence, perhaps with an eye on a 2024 presidential run, is chairman of Advancing American Freedom, which will seek to promote the Trump-Pence administration’s accomplishments while building a “winning formula for a broader coalition,” aides told the Washington Examiner.

Former President Donald Trump expressed support for Pence’s venture in a statement to the Examiner.

“It was the most successful first term in American history,” Trump said. “Nice to see Mike highlighting some of our many achievements!”

Although the relationship between Trump and Pence cooled when the then vice president refused to reverse the 2020 election result unilaterally during the Electoral College certification, it appears the two men have patched up their differences.

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  1. “,,, combines traditional conservatism and the Make America Great Again movement…”
    While the two concepts overlap in many ways, they differ in many others. To get anywhere with this and anything else, Pence needs to show genuine toughness. Otherwise, he would resemble so many in Conservative, Inc. who speak grandly and carry no stick.

  2. I like Mike Pence. He’s a moral God fearing man. A rare commodity in today’s Sodomite America. He would make a truly great President.

      • Because I feel that DeSantis has a much better chance of winning the Republican nomination. The Trump supporters, given a choice, will gravitate towards DeSantis as opposed to Pence. I think Mike Pence is great and would make a GREAT President if he was elected. Mature thinking people will vote for him. Unfortunately, the lower intelligence riffraff Trump supporters view DeSantis as “Trump light”. Personally, I voted for Mike Huckabee the last 2 times he ran. I would vote for him again in a heartbeat.

  3. ahahahahahaa like Trump stood for conservatism. he abandoned every conservative principal. Trump was a populist its not compatible with conservativism one viewpoint has to bend to the other in the real world.


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