People With Vitamin D Deficiency Have Double the Risk of Getting COVID-19

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People who are deficient in the sunshine vitamin are almost twice as likely to contract COVID-19, according to a new study.

Researchers from the University of Chicago Medicine found that patients with low levels of vitamin D, less than 20 nanograms per milliliter, had a 1.77 times greater chance of testing positive for the virus, according to their findings published in JAMA Network.

According to Insider, low vitamin D levels have been associated with increased severity of COVID-19 and a higher risk of death.

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  1. Those older stay home when it’s icy but we don’t shut them in
    we visit and they are respected
    which arguably is more important for our next generation more than allowing them to do everything else !
    while now they and those who are immunocompromised end up being shunted and ostracized

    The older people are going crazy themselves being locked up while everyone else is doing what they want and becoming more fatalistic about their own lives and becoming moreHefker
    And guess what
    all of our lives are becoming devalued everyone these days across the multi-ethnic Multicultural Spectrum values life less than less than they did say in April
    And who bears major responsibility for that!


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