Peres: I Do Not Regret The Oslo Accords

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arafat-rabin-clinton-osloThere are few things that President Shimon Peres regrets. Although there is a large Israeli camp that argues that the Oslo Accords were Israel’s most misguided attempt at peace, Peres disagrees.

In a wide-ranging interview with The Jerusalem Post, Peres contends that the Oslo Accords, signed in September 1993, were not a mistake, because without them, there would be only one Palestinian camp – a camp of terror. Read more here.

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  1. Peres is here to remind us that we are still very much in Galus. YES, he is dangerous, but nothing happens without Hashem’s OK. WE have to do better. Knocking him is meaningless. Everyone knows who he is. As for #1- Israel needs to abolish the Position of President. It is a waste of millions of Shekels. Peres should be the Last president.

  2. Oslo was the beginning of your own last memory of the Saigon of the Palestinian judgment against Israel. So it wont be that much better today, but at least we answered their prayers once. And that will likely be the end of their justification of their own flags horror show. We can do this Israel and we will.


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