‘PETA People’ Try to Disrupt Kapparos in Crown Heights

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kapparosAnimal rights activists tried to disrupt the Jewish custom of using live chickens for Kapparos – atoning before Yom Kippur – in the Brooklyn section of Crown Heights. The group of 7, said to be affiliated with the PETA organization, came Wednesday to the neighborhood to “save the chickens from being slaughtered.”

To do so, the men and women deceivingly stood in line to purchase chickens alongside Chassidic residents on President Street and Kingston Avenue, as witnessed by a COLlive.com reporter.

But they did not use the chickens for the prayer and then return them to the Hachnosas Orchim charity which feeds many bochurim and guests during the Tishrei holidays.

Instead, as COLlive.com discovered, they were seen bringing the chickens across the street to a waiting truck that belongs to “Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary” (whose mission statement is helping “abused and neglected farm animals such as cows and pigs”).

One of the activists, who did not give his name, did not deny the scheme.

“We plan to buy as many chickens as possible,” he told a passerby.

Some enterprise-minded Israeli bochurim were seen purchasing chickens for the $10 fee and then selling them to the PETA affiliated activists at a $5 profit.

Kapparos chickens are also being sold by NCFJE at 824 Eastern Parkway for a subsidised price of $5.



  1. “Some enterprise-minded Israeli bochurim were seen purchasing chickens for the $10 fee and then selling them to the PETA affiliated activists at a $5 profit.”
    What’s wrong with a $ 500. profit?

  2. this is why we are supposed to teach the non jews about sheva mitzvas bnai noach and help mekareve Jews to their own heritage of Torah and Mitzvos and Emes, because they don’t have a direction and meaning to their lives and they are looking for it.

  3. No one was there from PETA yesterday and the person buying them was not affiliated with Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary. Some birds escaped, some were freely handed over to us and yes-some activists did purchase them to save their lives. No one was trying to disrupt the ceremony, we were only there out of concern for the animals. We have plenty of meaning to our lives – we see you as being the lost ones, friends.

  4. The chickens are stored in crates that are so small that they cannot stand up or spread their wings. And for how many hours have they been deprived of food and water?

  5. There is a scientific principle which states that water seeks its own level. Apparently, the level of the Peta people is that of chickens.

  6. Kapparos is not in my spiritual cup of tea but it is not the most bizarre of all religious practices in the world at the moment. PETA taps into and perpetuates an anti-humanistic mindset prevalent in the West. They profit by a clever manipulation of people’s fears, biases and prejudices. With this modus operandi they are not that different to many other charities and businesses. The dark-green agenda is on the satanic side of the spiritual margin. They only have my attention as does an annoying blip on a radar screen does to a naval navigator charting a ship through choppy waters. I have been actively auditing the zeitgeist since 1995. I keep watch on many groups. Groupthink is a fascinating human phenomenon.

  7. No one was there from PETA. Amd Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary does wonderful things for them. If you want hashem to love you, maybe you should start loving other living beings and not only yourselves. Those chickens have a right to live and you couldn’t even provide them with food and or water.

    Good luck to you all, because believe me, your sins are staying with you.


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