Pew: One-Third In New Survey Say Wearing Blackface For Costume Is Acceptable

Ralph Northam's page in the 1984 yearbook of Eastern Virginia Medical School in which two people are wearing blackface and a KKK costume. MUST CREDIT: Obtained by The Washington Post
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About one-third of Americans say that wearing blackface for a Halloween costume is “sometimes” or “always” acceptable, according to new Pew Research data.

Among all respondents to the survey, released Monday, 19 percent said blackface was “sometimes” acceptable in a Halloween costume, and 15 percent said it was “always” acceptable, for a net 34 percent.

The survey was conducted from Jan. 22, Feb. 5, almost entirely before the blackface scandal that erupted in Virginia politics this month, when Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam faced calls from his own party to resign after a blackface photo in his medical yearbook surfaced. Northam also admitted to wearing blackface to dress up for a dance contest.

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  1. The left is so two faced. They eviscerate a person for painting his face black to imitate Michael Jackson (although why that was necessary, I don’t know considering how white Jackson was) as a Halloween costume, yet they don’t protest the blatant anti Semitic remarks that this Muslim congresswoman spews forth.
    All a reminder that with all our”power”and “influence” in this country, we are still in galus.

  2. I don’t see why anyone should take offense at a blackface costume so long as it’s not deliberately mocking blacks. It’s just for fun to dress up as someone you are not. I dressed up for Purim years ago as a dark person by coloring my skin with coffee but I wasn’t poking fun at anyone I was just being different than my usual self.

  3. I think we should start a class-action suit against the estate of Marcel Marceau as his decades-long career of wearing white-face in his on-stage acts implied that all white people are deaf-mutes and often unable to find their way out of a room that had no real walls or doors. This is very hurtful especially to all the white, handicapped people who have been victims of discrimination.

  4. The biggest joke is that DNC, wink wink, has already let the Governor of Virginia off the hook. This was all done in order to nail all future Republican candidates down the road.


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