Philip Morris Looks to ‘Phase Out’ Cigarettes


In a bid to eventually “phase out” conventional cigarettes, tobacco manufacturer Philip Morris rolled out a new product that heats tobacco instead of burning it. The new product, dubbed Iqos, claims to give users 90 percent less of the toxins contained in normal cigarettes.

Trials have shown that the Iqos could actually help people quit smoking. Chief Executive Andre Calantzopoulos told the BBC that he acknowledges the harmful effects of cigarettes and wants to “find and commercialize” those that are less damaging to users’ health. Read more at BBC NEWS.



  1. the chief executive of philip morris acknowledges that cigarettes are harmful and he, therefore, wants to market an alternative product that is “less damaging to users”. it might be “less damaging”, but it is, nevertheless “damaging”.
    should his goal not be to market something that is not damaging AT ALL? are there different degrees of “damage”?

  2. Even Marlboro lights?

    Brings back great memories (not the smoking, but the good times we had in yeshiva).

    And no, I do not smoke now.


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