Photo: Counterterrorism Police in Front of Shomer Shabbos Shul in BP Due to Threats Against JCC’s Around The Country

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  1. It’s all blown out of porportion. The ADL and other secular liberal Anti Trump groups are trying to hatch a baloney story about increased anti Semitism. Fact is there were more graves turned over in jewish cemeteries during Obama era. By counting every tiny anti jewish remark or grafitti with a microscope in order to make it seem Jews in America are some how living in frear is fake news. The JCCs getting phone calls is because the media keeps harping on it so you have copycat callers. Non of the JCCs are orthodox. They operate on Shabbos. They are not part of the authentic jewish community. Anti Semitism raises its head when Jews turn away from Torah observance.

  2. I saw a very suspicious character in the basement of Shomer Shabbos, he was eating a bowl of chulent with a piece of kokesh cake on top-highly suspicious if you ask me.

  3. Today this unit of helmeted police stood at munkatch Shul. I think one of them must be saying Kaddish as they are looking for Shuls with minyan factories.


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