Photo: Frum Man Gives a Boost to African-American Woman in Home Depot Parking Lot in Monsey, NY

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  1. I know I am the 10th person to say this, but why oh why would Matzav post such a story?? This actually makes us look bad. Any decent person should consider helping in such a situation if they have the time and resources. so sad..

  2. They know whom to ask for help. I was at a wedding a few weeks ago. During the out door chupa a non jew come up to us and asked “any one have cables?” (I don’t think he realized he was at a chuppa) without hesitation one yungerman offered to give the guy a boost.

  3. Insinuating that a simple act of Chesed is front-page worthy is ridiculous, unless your stress is that the recipient is African-American. Do you mean to say that frum yidden don’t do chessed to people of other races? That is motzai shem rah on klal yisroel.

  4. It’s called click baiting. Follow the money. Matzav don’t care if news or not, it cares if you going to click and comment. Success.


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