Photos: Helicopter Rides at Camp Rav Tov Satmar / Camp Nosson Tzvi in Swan Lake (JDN)

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  1. Rewarding. Torah studied, lanyards made and a set to laugh faster by the great ride above the tree tops.

    Giddy kids, scared parents and swarm happy counselors. Every body will look!

    Fishing would be greater. The very timed hope is too fun to include every dearly loved youngster. All wee would need is a mishap to have yet another tragedy described in our jewish news.

    But I would have ran fast to the copter as a child. Time sees the child knows the good is dearly loved.

    Hope it is safe. It will be the thrill of the lifetime. Leave it to the dearly loved conservative crowd to design the greatness into camp. The copter takes the degree.



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