Photos: Hikind Meets with Community Mosdos to Discuss Kapparos


hikind kapparos (1)Brooklyn, NY – With the upcoming Yomim Noraim, Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn) met with community mosdos regarding the minhag of kapparos, specifically the use of chickens.

Hikind said, “Kapparos is a beautiful minhag practiced by Jewish communities all over the world, year after year. I remember fondly going with my mother when I was little. Unfortunately, there are those who are trying to undermine this tradition. Their ultimate goal is to ban kapparos. This year, more than ever, they will be looking for any opportunity to further their agenda, which may result in increased media and government scrutiny. The vast majority who perform this minhag do so adhering to the halachos. This meeting was an opportunity for us to alert the community to the issues raised and continuing to practice kapparos in the proper manner. We had a positive discussion and I look forward to our community continuing to make a kiddush Hashem.”

Also addressing the attendees was the Kossover Rebbe, who discussed the pertinent issues. One of the issues alleged in a recent lawsuit includes chickens being delivered in the early morning hours, left on the sidewalk, and not taken inside private property in a timely manner. Attendees were reminded of the importance of giving food and water to the chickens, keeping the areas sanitary, ensuring those under 18 are supervised, and the requirements to perform shechita on private property.

hikind kapparos (1)hikind kapparos (2)

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